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family photographWelcome to the photo gallery page, from which you can access a number of themed galleries of images, both old and recent.

I have long been interested in how the camera records the world differently from the way we see it, sometimes in a subtle way and sometimes strikingly different from our visual experience. On the one hand it offers a faithful reproduction of what is in front of its lens, while the photographic process then transforms the image in a way quite different from our own perceptual mechanisms.
This is particularly so for the panoramic photographs, for example, which are 'straight' photographs made in camera, yet look quite different from 'real life' as we see it.

Some of the images here are 'traditional' black and white or colour photographs, made on film and printed using a chemical process, then scanned for use online and for sale as digitally printed versions.

Others are digitally originated, though the printed versions sold through galleries are made using chemical 'c-type' printing.

Print Sales

The photographs in the galleries are for sale at different sizes.

Prints are on semi-matt paper, unmounted and with no border; the price includes UK postage. The unmounted format gives less chance of damage in transit, but do contact me for mounted options, or overseas shipping. Sizes are given in inches and may vary by a few millimetres.
Prints are made to order, and I often use different labs for different sizes, so delivery can take from a few days to a couple of weeks.
JPEG files are sent via email or a dropbox called Hightail, and are licensed for personal use only. You may print as many as you like for personal use, including friends and family. Contact me about commercial usage if you need it.

family photography
family photograph