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Add a little extra to your event
People often like to let their hair down at events and parties...

In conjuction with other photographers I run a number of 'photobooths' which we take to public events and which are available to hire for private events, parties and celebrations.

Our photobooths are portable studio set-ups staffed by professional photographers, who will work in the booth on the day, and afterwards make an online gallery of the photos so that the guests can see them all.

We also offer a while-you-wait printing service at the event itself if required.

See some examples of our photobooths by using the links on the left and below.

El Busta's Travelling Photography Studio produces hand made black and white prints using a large format film camera and a portable darkroom,
and has been proving very popular.
The Instant Tattoo Emporium is based on the old-fashioned seaside 'stand-in', but with a more contemporary theme.
The themed photobooths aim to provide a fun additions to events, parties and celebrations.

Please contact me with details of your event, to discuss the ways we can do a photobooth for you and to get a quote.

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