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family photographLife in Black and White
In this digtial age I still love to use balck & white film and get into my darkroom to print the photographs by hand.

Much of my landscape photography is still made this way, and a hand made black & white print has a tonal depth and quality which digital photgraphy cannot reproduce.

Black & white photography is beginning to become more popular again now that digital is mainstream, and I can offer workshops in it to individuals or groups. Please contact me for details.

Colour Contrast
My colour photography sometimes takes on a more vibrant and experimental tone compared to the black & white.

I use flash and camera movement to give the landscape a sense of that space in dark and light, when things are not quite as they seem and our perceptions of the land become ambiguous.


Print Gallery
I sell landscape and other photographs through this site and sometimes at art markets and craft fairs.

Visit the Print Gallery to browse the work I have for sale through this site.


family photography
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