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cameras420x300pxGetting the most from your camera is as important, if not more so, than the choice of camera you make in the first place.

I can offer training in all types and makes of camera, to help you get the most from it and it's potential for image making.

Digital SLR
The digital SLR camera is one of the most sophisticated image making tools ever invented, and having invested in one it’s worth spending some time learning what it can do for you and how to use it most effectively.

This can include the unique features of SLR cameras and their potential for image making, as well as the functions and settings which can be used not just to maximise quality of image, and to exercise creative control over the photographs you make.

Compact Cameras
Compact cameras are no longer just ‘point and shoot’, but have a variety of options and settings available through the menus.

Understanding what these mean and how they affect the image can go a long way towards squeezing more quality and flexibility from the camera.
You will no longer be at the mercy of your camera - you will control it: a compact camera can produce excellent results when used with a sound knowledge of what it’s trying to do for you.

Film Cameras
Film is undergoing a resurgence in popularity, and I have a wide experieince in using film cameras of many kinds, from large format to Lomo.
See the analogue section for information on film and darkroom.

Whatever kind of camera training you need, contact me about the customised training I can provide, whether 1:1 or as a group.

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